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Our ecommerce salary survey (a.k.a. #PandaPounds) gives the ecommerce community a chance to share their insights, which helps us create our annual report. 2018 is going to be bigger and better than ever...and we'll need your help! 

The survey takes approximately 8 - 10 minutes to complete, and questions will cover the following topics:

  • current salary band, company benefits & overtime levels
  • salary expectations for 2018
  • goals and challenges in 2018
  • hiring process insights
  • current company (team size, industry etc.)
  • and much more! 

If you complete our survey in full, we will say thanks by...

  • entering you into our prize draw, which gives you the chance to win one of two £100 Amazon vouchers
  • sending you a free digital copy of the finished report, before it's available to the general public
  • giving you early access to the limited release #PandaPounds launch party tickets should you request it
  • donating £1 on your behalf to The OPERA Global Youth Foundation, helping disadvantaged youths get their feet on the career ladder.

Sound good? Take the survey and join the #PandaPounds adventure!

The 2018 ecommerce salary survey